Elevated relaxation

The Sauna World at the Alpinspa

There is nothing better than relaxing while at the same time doing something good for your body. It’s not just mind and soul that recover during a visit to the sauna, the body also benefits from it in terms of health. From enjoying healing properties at high temperatures to decelerating amidst clouds of steam: In our Sauna World, everyone will find what they are looking for!

Finnish sauna (90°)

Sweat it out like our Scandinavian cousins; the Finnish sauna is probably one of the oldest and most popular types of sauna around. Relaxation is guaranteed at high temperatures, which can reach up to 90°C. But those who venture into the heat will be sure to benefit! A visit to the sauna has a strengthening effect on both the immune and circulatory systems. Furthermore, skin and pores experience a small revival thanks to stimulated blood circulation. So what are you waiting for? Get on course to a healthier life in a relaxed way!

Organic sauna (55°)

Those who prefer to bring it down a notch will find a gentler version of this popular relaxation option with the organic sauna. A relaxing 50°C protects the circulation, while at the same time gets the whole circulatory system going again. The high level of humidity also has a great strengthening effect on the respiratory organs.

Brine steam bath (45°)

Do you smell the sea? A solution of water and naturally extracted salt is added to this special hot air bath. The salt steam not only lends a touch of Mediterranean flair to your visit to the brine steam bath, it also has great health benefits. The many benefits include the strengthening of the mucous membranes as well as cleaner and healthier skin.

Infrared sauna

If you want to take full advantage of a great sauna experience, the infrared sauna is the best choice. On the one hand, it is gentler than a conventional sauna, as the temperatures are not too high (35°C - 50°C). On the other hand, it also has a soothing effect on muscle and joint pain. All this occurs thanks to the infrared rays, which generate deep healing warmth in the body.

Outdoor textile sauna cabin

Families who want to enjoy a sauna experience together can take a seat in the textile sauna cabin. The “dress code” for the outdoor hut stipulates that you may only enter the sauna with swimwear and a towel. Enjoy the soothing warmth together with your children!

Sauna relaxation area

After the sauna, it’s time to really slow down: Grab a lounger and relax to the sound of soothing music in the sauna relaxation zone. Feel how peace and well-being envelope your body, while you allow yourself to linger in the moment.

Sunbathing lawn on the sauna terrace

Get out of the water feeling all refreshed and loll around the pool under the sun, before then simply jumping back into the cool water when the next round of refreshment is needed. The sunbathing lawn on the sauna terrace is perfect for warm days, as it has a small but pleasant whirlpool and comfortable loungers.

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