The 4 elements for your wellbeing

Totally relaxed in our spa hotel in Austria

The word "wellness" could be described as "well-being": being and feeling well. However, to simply say that Alpinresort Saalbach is all about your well-being would not do justice to our extensive wellness programme. We offer our guests a comprehensive range of relaxation, enjoyment and health focused programmes that appeal to body, mind and soul in equal measure. To this end, we make use of the 4 alpine elements and bring them directly to our mountain spa hotel in Austria. There, you can relax at the following places of regeneration >>>
The 4 elements for your wellbeing
Water places  

Sports pool and hydro massage
What could be better than swimming a few laps in the morning and starting the day refreshed and energised? Thanks to the pleasant water temperature, you can work out in the 25-metre-long outdoor sports pool in both winter and summer. A special highlight is the indoor hydro massage pool. Warm jets of water massage your back and ensure a deeply relaxed and weightless feeling.
Steam sauna
Can you feel how soothing, fragrant vapours cleanse and clear your airways? How your skin becomes soft and clean? In our alpine spa hotel with large sauna area, two saunas are dedicated to health through steam: the organic sauna and the brine steam bath. At a mild 55°C and 45°C respectively, you will find the gentler versions of the sauna here. In the brine steam bath, the salt dissolved in the steam creates a healing climate just like by the sea.
Frozen water
During a winter spa break at Alpinresort Saalbach, water serves your well-being in every form: in the form of steam in the sauna, in liquid form in the pools and in frozen form on the slopes and hiking trails. The most perfect winter bliss comes when you whizz down perfectly maintained slopes in bright sunshine while the snowflakes flutter behind you or when you hike on soft, glittering ground.

Earth places

The mountains
Out of the door and into the mountain experience: our spa hotel in Austria is ideally located for relaxing and challenging excursions into the mountains. Whether on two feet or two wheels - the Saalbach mountain world is good for body and soul, heals, calms, and brings you back to your roots. A stay in the mountains has even been proven to have health-promoting effects, e.g. on the heart and lungs, the immune system, and the mood.
The treasures of nature
What grows on the meadows and fields around Saalbach is not only beautiful to look at, but also delicious and healthy on the plate and in the glass. At our all-inclusive spa hotel in the Alps, you can help yourself to the treasures of nature daily from 7 a.m. to midnight. We prepare them for you in creative, new ways every day. Regionality, seasonality and quality are always our top priorities.
Being grounded
Finally winding down, letting go of all your thoughts, waking up refreshed and rested when the sun shines through the window. We offer you this luxury on your wellness holiday in Austria in our spacious and stylishly furnished rooms and suites. A high-quality box-spring bed, pillow menu and coloured light effects ensure a relaxed feel-good atmosphere, where even the most restless holidaymakers can find peace and quiet.
The 4 elements for your wellbeing
Air places

Sky terrace
At our mountain spa hotel, you can be close to the sky not only during your outdoor adventures, but also directly in the house, or better on top of the house: our sky terrace is located on the fourth floor, where the only view is nature and the sky. Simply lie down, enjoy either the mountain sun or the pleasantly cool shade under the parasols and breathe in the pure mountain air.
Sauna infusions
What services are classically offered at spas? One of the first things that come to mind are fragrant sauna infusions. Infusions take place regularly in our saunas, of course professionally performed by our sauna masters. Inhaling the swirling herbal essences is not only a treat for the senses, but also cleanses and clears the airways and enhances the health-promoting effects of the sauna session. Depending on the scent, it has a stimulating or calming effect.
Gently rising bubbles or an intensive massage that kneads your skin? At our spa hotel in Austria, you can enjoy both - in the whirlpools by the sports pool and on the sky terrace. Both are heated to a pleasantly warm 35°C and, thanks to the air bubble massage, provide light, floating moments that relieve joints and muscles and smooth the skin.

Fire places

Finnish sauna
Temperatures of around 90°C and dry air: the Finnish sauna is a classic and should not be missed in our alpine spa hotel! The fiery climate in the sauna really gets your body going: the cardiovascular system, immune system and metabolism are boosted, the body is detoxified, and the senses are revitalised. By the way: a sauna session is recommended at any time of year!
Vitamin D refuelling station
How much sun do you get on an average day? Most of us: too little. Your wellness holiday in Austria is the ideal opportunity to up your vitamin D levels. The best way to do this is while hiking and biking in the mountains around Saalbach or relaxing on the sauna terrace afterwards. Can you already feel how the healing power of the sun reaches and regenerates every cell in your body?
Fire to drink
Only at Alpinresort all drinks, including alcoholic beverages, are included until midnight! Our all-inclusive spa hotel in the Alps impresses with a diverse selection of cocktails, long drinks, schnapps, gin, whisky, cognac, liqueurs and more. Enjoy them with friends or family, on the terrace, by the pool, at the bar and in the restaurant. After all, a little indulgence with no regrets is a must on a wellness holiday! 

Which element of our spa hotel in Austria would you like to get to know first? The best thing to do is to treat yourself to a few days of wellness holidays in Austria and let us pamper you by every trick in the book, including of course all the highlights presented here! Your dream holiday is just one enquiry away...

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